Sri Sathya Sai Baba

# Saying
1 Sadhana is essential because the effects of karma have to be removed by karma alone, as the thorn is removable only by another thorn.
2 Service is spiritual discipline, not a pastime of the rich and well placed.
3 True devotees of God should not attach any importance to differences of religion, nationality, caste or sect.
4 I carry the burden of everyone who is devoted to Me.
5 Soft, sweet and truthful speech is the expression of genuine love.
6 The control of the senses and a disciplined way of life are the signs of a cultured man.
7 A nation's well-being or troubles are dependent on the actions of the people. Actions are related to men's thoughts.
8 Be like the tongue in the midst of the teeth, carefully, confidently and courageously going about its task, without getting bitten.
9 Service with the correct attitude is righteousness (Dharma). Service is the path to God-realisation.
10 Come into the world with the question, 'Who am I?' Leave it with the answer, 'He I am.'
11 The Divine cannot be experienced without selfless love, faith and steadfastness.
12 Doing one’s duty, however small, in an unattached manner gives rise to the awakening of Self-awareness.
13 Be a servant of God – then, all strength and joy will be added unto you.
14 The sanctification of the five senses is the way to Truth.
15 Test all your actions, words, thoughts on this touchstone: 'Will this be approved by God? Will this rebound to His renown?'
16 If you really crave for God, repeat His name 'Om Namo Narayana' like Prahlada. Sing the glories of God like Radha and Meera.
17 Accept pain and pleasure as gifts from God, for there is no pleasure without pain and no pain without pleasure.
18 Just as the son or daughter is the rightful heir to the father's property every one of you have equal claim to God's property of love, truth, forbearance, peace and empathy
19 If you place complete faith in the Lord at all times, you will receive His Grace.
20 Pure Love will not submit to the forces of envy or hatred, however powerful they may be.
21 The world's prosperity or otherwise is dependent upon the character of the young men and women.
22 Follow the Master, face the devil, fight till the end and finish the game.
23 The Sadhaka should always seek the truthful and joyful; he must avoid all thoughts of the nature of the sad and the depressing.
24 Peace is the most precious treasure, without which power, authority, fame and fortune are all dry and burdensome.
25 Speak the truth and practice righteousness at all times. The Unseen Hand of Divine will protect you!
26 Only when man upholds morality, can there be equality, fraternity and freedom in the society.
27 When you have faith in the Divine, life becomes a victorious journey.
28 How to purify the mind? By starving it of the bad food it runs after, namely objective pleasures. And by feeding it the wholesome food of the thought of God.
29 Devotion requires you to utilize your mind, speech and body to worship the Lord.
30 Any act that is done with purity in thought, word and deed is Right Conduct (Dharma).
31 The grace of God is better than insurance! It will help you in your time of need without any limit.
32 Fill your hearts with the light of love (Prema) so that the evil qualities of hate, greed and conceit find no place therein.
33 Total surrender, leaving everything to His Will, is the highest form of devotion.
34 GOD is ONE without a second.
35 Offer your virtues as flowers. Virtues spread beauty and fragrance everywhere.
36 As a seed will not sprout on the rocky ground, the bliss of Divine cannot be realised by worship devoid of humility and sincerity.
37 Practice detachment from now on; practice it little by little, for a day will come sooner or later when you will have to give up all that you hold dear.
38 When man is established in the experience of the One, there is no desire, for who is to desire for whom or what?
39 I am you; you are ME. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine.
40 To resurrect love and compassion, you must purify your hearts by destroying jealousy and selfishness.
41 Remove the roots of the weed of egoism from the field of your heart - that is enough Sadhana.
42 Your mind must be trained to develop a taste for the good and the godly, not for money or material gains.
43 The primary goal of every human being is to realize their inherent divinity and redeem their lives by that realization.
44 Your heart is a seat of love. That love must express itself, to begin with, in your home.
45 When the mind is filled with good thoughts such as truth, love, forbearance and compassion, your life will be filled with peace and serenity.
46 One's true worth can be measured by the efforts they take to reform themselves.
47 Sorrow and happiness should be treated alike as gifts of God.
48 When your mind is filled with noble thoughts of truth, love, forbearance and compassion, your life will be filled with peace and serenity.
49 Moderate food, moderate sleep, compassion and fortitude - these will help in the upkeep of the health of both body and mind.
50 God is the life-breath of every soul.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
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