Sri Sathya Sai Baba

# Saying
1 When you have faith in the Divine, life becomes a victorious journey.
2 Three things are most essential today. Fear of sin, love of God and morality in society.
3 Merely observing vigil on Shivaratri is not sufficient. You must contemplate on God incessantly.
4 Truth has no fear; Untruth shivers at every shadow.
5 Prayer is for the mind, what food is for the body.
6 By eating flesh one develops violent tendencies and animal diseases.
7 Culture means giving up one's bad conduct, bad deeds and cultivating good thinking as well as fostering good sentiments that lead to good actions.
8 An ounce of practice is better than a ton of precept.
9 Do not shout, do not talk longer than necessary, and do not talk when there is no need to talk!
10 When your mind is filled with good thoughts, such as truth, love, forbearance and compassion, your life will be filled with peace and serenity.
11 A disciplined life is the best offering you can make to the country or to the Divine within you.
12 We are powerless before Time but Time's Creator and Director can be won and attained by the wise use of Time.
13 Master the Mind, Be a Master-Mind.
14 Tender hearts, holy thoughts and loving speech - these invoke divinity at all times.
15 Reputation occurs in a moment; character is built over a lifetime.
16 Follow the Master, face the devil, fight till the end and finish the game.
17 There is no temple dearer to God than the human heart.
18 Doing one's duty selflessly is the highest spiritual endeavour.
19 First and foremost, express gratitude to your parents, love them and respect them.
20 Why fear when I am here? Place your faith in Me. I shall guide you and guard you forever.
21 One should think of God and offer prayers at least four times a day - at dawn, at noon, at sunset and before going to bed - as food for the soul.
22 Yearn and work sincerely to win the Grace of the Lord – and all your accumulated burden will be burnt into ashes in just a moment!
23 Spiritual Sadhana means cultivating noble thoughts and undertaking good deeds.
24 A true devotee is ever conscious that the universe is a manifestation of the Lord and is fully permeated by Him.
25 Service brings human beings closer to each other and promotes affection and friendship.
26 Whoever loves all and serves all, is loved and honoured by the Lord.
27 Your body will shine if your character is fine. Worshipping God and serving fellow human-beings will preserve its charm.
28 Divinity is the current that activates everything everywhere. Sharpen your intellect, then the Unity in nature will become evident.
29 You are a spark of the Divine and you must manifest Divinity in your every activity.
30 Be good, serviceable, useful, kind and God-fearing – the confidence of the people will be yours.
31 Make every act of your service, a worthy flower, to be placed at the Lord's Feet.
32 Actions done with the purity of thought, word and deed is Right-Conduct.
33 It is because of the feelings of a mother that children change, either for the good or the bad.
34 Let compassion and sacrifice be your two eyes; let egolessness be your breath and love be your tongue.
35 There should not be any trace of dislike or distrust on the score of nationality, language, caste, economic status, scholarship, age or sex.
36 Have constructive thoughts, consoling words, compassionate acts.
37 Good resolutions (sankalpas) elicit the best out of you and help you use all your strength for your uplift.
38 True education is that which bestows on an individual the wealth of morality, spirituality and character.
39 It is only purity that attracts Divinity. If the iron filings are rusted, even the most powerful magnet will not attract them.
40 Pure and Selfless love must express itself as service.
41 Just as children are the rightful heirs to the father's property, all of you have equal claim to God's property of love, truth, forbearance, peace and empathy.
42 There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. There is only one God, He is omnipresent.
43 You must think of God and offer prayers at least four times a day - at dawn, at noon, at sunset and before going to bed. This is the food for your soul.
44 Command the mind, regulate your conduct, keep your heart straight and clear - you will get the grace of God.
45 Command the mind, regulate your conduct, keep your heart straight and clear, you will get the grace of God.
46 To purify your mind the first prerequisite is pure food.
47 Equal-mindedness in loss and gain is the essence of true Sadhana.
48 Engage yourselves in good deeds, good company, and good thoughts. Fix your attention on the goal.
49 That' which eyes cannot see, but which enables the eyes to see
50 If there is righteousness in your heart, there will be beauty in your character and harmony at your home.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
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