Sri Sathya Sai Baba

# Saying
1 The one who discriminates well before engaging in any activity will naturally be virtuous in conduct and behaviour.
2 Whoever loves all and serves all, is loved and honoured by the Lord.
3 The service of man is the only means by which you can serve GOD.
4 There is no greater example of selfless love in action than nature.
5 Look upon your body as a shrine where God is installed. Dedicate all actions to God.
6 Your heart is a big vessel. Fill it with the qualities of Truth, Love and Sacrifice.
7 Peace and Joy must be attained through your own efforts - let every thought, word and deed of yours spring from love within.
8 Joys and sorrows are the results of the mind’s involvement in the transient and the trivial.
9 You may not see Me, but I am the light through which you see.
10 Control of the senses and observing the accepted code of discipline are the hallmarks of a cultured individual.
11 I am Love, I shower Love. I share Love. I am pleased with Love.
12 Bury bad thoughts under good ones. The bad ones will automatically fade away and be forgotten.
13 Offer services and receive love. This is the recipe for experiencing Divinity.
14 Life is a challenge, meet it; Life is a game, play it; Life is love, enjoy it.
15 "I want peace". "I" is ego, "want" is desire. Remove ego and desire and you have peace.
16 All religions teach one basic discipline: the removal of the blemish of egoism from the mind, and of running after little joys.
17 Devotion to the Divine will give you bliss, prosperity and peace.
18 Divine love will enable one
19 What is offered to God is totally free from all defects and imperfections.
20 Dedicate your life to serve others, for the 'others' are only visible representatives of the Lord who resides in you.
21 When suffering comes in waves, one behind the other, do not be like cowards throwing the blame on some outside power or develop dislike for the Lord. Be glad the shore is near and bear them bravely.
22 Make the home a seal of harmony.
23 Prayer is for the mind, what food is for the body.
24 Man will realize his mission on earth when he knows himself as divine and reveres others as divine.
25 I am always with you, in you, above you, around you, guarding and guiding you, at all times.
26 Pleasure is an interval between two pains.
27 To the person who has completely surrendered, every experience in life (good or bad) is a gift from God.
28 Realize that all sweetness lies within you. Direct your intelligence inwards and discover the sweetness within by filling your intellect with love.
29 Dharma (Right Conduct) that is prescribed for human beings is Virtue, Good Conduct and Good habits.
30 Real freedom exists in submitting to the will of the Divine and not acting according to one
31 The Name of God, if recited with Love and Faith, has the power to bring upon the eager aspirant the Grace of God.
32 Make your emotions pure; your mind strong to resist the force of ignorance and the wiles of the senses – then you are assured of peace and joy.
33 I want each one of you to cultivate Purity, Love and Compassion.
34 Your vision becomes sanctified only when you develop the feeling that all are embodiments of God.
35 It is through pain that pleasure is gained.
36 Control your desires. Do not waste money, time, food or energy.
37 If there is no transformation of the heart, of what avail are spiritual practices (sadhanas)?
38 Let compassion and sacrifice be your two eyes; let egolessness be your breath and love be your tongue.
39 Desire destroys devotion, anger kills wisdom and greed nullifies good work – hence these bad qualities must be sacrificed.
40 Love is selflessness and selfishness is lovelessness.
41 To secure God's Grace you must adhere to right conduct and observe purity in thought, word and deed.
42 Good company is important, it helps to cultivate good qualities.
43 Peace has to be attained through spiritual efforts, that is to say, through spiritualising every thought, word and deed.
44 The future of the world is decided by the ideals implanted by teachers in the minds of young boys and girls entrusted to their care.
45 Take as your ideals the great characters depicted in the Ramayana. You will see how your life is filled with peace and joy.
46 The basic quality of devotion is the yearning to realize oneness with God.
47 If you honour your parents, your children will honour you.
48 Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows.
49 Whoever loves and serves all, that person the Lord loves and honours.
50 Do every deed as an act of worship; make every thought a longing for Him; change every word that comes from your tongue into a hymn in His praise.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
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