Sri Sathya Sai Baba

# Saying
1 Love can conquer anything. Selfless, pure, and unalloyed love leads you to God.
2 The wise use money, strength, intelligence, skills, aptitude and opportunities for helping others and making their lives happier.
3 Devotion and morality are very important for physical health. They free your mind from agitation, and feed it with joy and contentment.
4 Moderate food, moderate sleep, compassion and fortitude - these will help in the upkeep of the health of both body and mind.
5 Parents have the primary responsibility to mould the character of children. By giving in to excessive affection they should not give too much freedom.
6 Love for all should spontaneously flow from your heart, and sweeten all your words.
7 Jealousy and hatred do more harm to those who entertain these feelings than to those towards whom these are expressed.
8 To secure pure divine love is the sacred goal of human life.
9 Through prayer and contemplation on God, you must try to control the evil qualities in you.
10 You are a spark of the Divine; you must manifest it in every activity of yours!
11 Your heart is a big vessel. Fill it with the qualities of Truth, Love and Sacrifice.
12 The welfare of women is an index of the welfare of the nation.
13 Peace will prevail only when the body, the mind and the spirit are in harmony.
14 Yearn and work sincerely to win the Grace of the Lord – and all your accumulated burden will be burnt into ashes in just a moment!
15 The realisation of God is the goal and destiny of human life.
16 When one feels that he knows everything and is unwilling to learn from elders he becomes unfit for undertaking the spiritual quest.
17 The hallmark of love is selfless sacrifice (Tyaga).
18 I - want - peace. "I" is ego, "want" is desire. Remove ego and desire and you have peace.
19 Winning love by sharing love is a vital aspect of devotion.
20 Pure heart is the essence of all Sadhana.
21 Realise that the sweetness is within you. Turn your intelligence inwards and discover that sweetness by filling the intellect with love.
22 It is easy to speak the truth. It is very difficult to tell a lie and sustain it.
23 Just as there is oil in the sesame seed, butter in milk, fragrance in flower, tasty juice in the fruit, and fire in the wood, there is Divinity in the vast universe.
24 Just as fire is needed till the rice is cooked, so also, spiritual practices are needed till you realize your innate Divinity.
25 The best way to love God is to love all and serve all!

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
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